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  • We went on the May Maldives trip and had a great time. BeachLife is unbeatable as far as organization goes - everything is done for you but you've got every liberty you will ever want. It's perfect for those who would like to travel these untouched islands with some travel experts, especially because its difficult to get around if you don't know the country well.  The scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, and all the water-sports were even better than I expected. BeachLife has found some great locations so you won't have to waste time trying out places that you won't like.  Our group was quite small which I liked, it much more like a group of friends than a tour-group, and our guide was awesome as far as knowledge and outright fun.
    Mark Linns
    Calgary, Alberta
  • The Maldives are so stunning!  It was always my dream place to visit but i always figured it was too expensive until i saw these tours on Facebook.  The islands we visited were pretty remote, so there's not a whole lot of other people to talk to, so it was nice traveling as a group of 12.  The guides knew all best places to visit and had a lot of suggestions along the way, really friendly and easy to chill with which was perfect.  All optional activities on the islands were discounted because the guides often take groups there, so that save me some $.  These tours are definitely great value and i don't see how you could possibly do it cheaper on your own, i was more than happy with what i paid. Thank you guys so much for such a wonderful time and you can guarantee that i'll be joining another one of your tours.  Much love from San Fran xoxo  
    San Francisco, USA
  •   Hej! Tack för en kanon månad på Maldives, upplevde grymt mycket och hade så mycket kul. Åkte egentligen dit för surfingen men fick så mycket mer, sköna fester, grymt bra grupp, fräsht boende och alla fina ställen vi åkte till! Rekommenderar denna resa starkt! Save a spot for me in june next year, I just have to come back.. Later, Jonas Stockholm
    Jonas, Janry, Annie
  • I had the time of my life in Maldives!   I would do it over and over again if I could. I went two years in a row, fell in love with those beautiful islands!  The activities were amazing, the places surreal, and the whole experience was incredible. The tour guides are totally fun and the people in the group are there for the same reason you are… so getting along is not a concern. The experience I had will last a lifetime.  Thank you BeachLife Tours!
    Anne Ponce
    Calgary, Canada
  • Wicked beaches and cool activities. My Maldives trip was exactly what I pictured in a “BeachLife” vacation. Everything was beyond my expectations and best of all the guides were so much fun and easy-going. I would do the exact same trip in a heartbeat!
    Melissa O
    Victoria, Canada
  • My trip with BeachLife was unbelievable; words can’t even describe the experience that I had with them in Maldives! Maldives was even better than what I expected, and the whole group atmosphere was incredible. BeachLife had amazing locations, really cool hotels (which were all really nice), and awesome activities. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more, an amazing trip, and great value for dollar. It was an experience I will never forget.
    Brandon Cross
    Montreal, Canada
  • I just wanted to say what a good time I had on your Maldives trip. I have nothing to say but positive things. Your guides were great, the locations were incredible, and the activities were so much fun!  It was a dream come true and I wish you guys all the most success in your future tours!
    Kristine Lefort
    Quebec City, Canada
  • A couple of girlfriends and i have fallen in love with the Maldives... all thanks to BeachLife 🙂 Maldives in general is beautiful with so many beautiful beaches and watersports, but its the way the trip was set up that really made our trip what it was - simply amazing! We loved the locations, the optional activties, the hotels, the guides were so much fun, the restaurants they took us to were all so yummy, and we LoVed LovEd LOVED the beaches  😀 Hope to do another trip with u guys again soon!
    Kate Heseltine
    Sydney, Australia
  • My trip to Maldives with BeachLife was so sick, to say the least!  Loved every minute of it and i don't have a thing to complain about.  It was great value for money, the accommodations were beyond what i expected, always close to the beach and all the action, and the rooms were always really clean and new.  I'd for sure recommend this trip to anyone, even if you've traveled heaps before... it's cool the way these guys structured the trip. i didn't have to organize anything, all i had to do was kick back and enjoy my vacation.
    Brody Martin
    Melbourne, Australia
  • The Beach Life trip to Maldives was awesome!  Maldives is paradise!  The beaches, the lush trees, the kind people, the food!  The whole trip was just so relaxing, yet unpredictable!  I loved traveling with BeachLife because I got to share the experience with so many cool people and make some lifelong friendships as well!  BeachLife opened my eyes to a whole new world and now all I can think of is traveling!
    Marcella Serink
  • The islands, accommodations, things to see... everything couldn't have been better!  Maldives was beautiful and i would definitely recommend going with BeachLife Tours.  Maldives is still in the beginning stages of tourism for many of its remote islands so i couldn't really imagine doing it on my own.  I liked the fact that we weren't just stuck on one island... we traveled around local islands and were often the only tourists!  Super remote but still all the comforts of home.  I also found this tour to be a great deal, i ran into other travellers that were paying $300 - $1000 per night... and with this tour i paid around $1,000 for the whole week, great deal! Thanks again BeachLife! Kerin
    Kerin Abottsford
    March - 2016
    BeachLife Maldives